5 essential points to consider when renting your property

As many chalet or apartment owners will tell you, renting your property and holiday rental management involves more than just advertising and taking bookings. Mountain Plus Holidays has over 10 years of experience in the rental market in Morgins and the wider Portes du Soleil ski region, working with guests from across Europe and beyond. We’ve put together a short guide with 5 essential points to consider when renting your property.

1. It’s more than just listing your property on booking.com or Vrbo

Listing your property is the easy bit, with many options to choose from to advertise your property to guests across the globe, but the real work kicks in when the questions come in. Is the price negotiable, can we bring a dog, do you have a hairdryer,…? The question is do you have time or energy to spend managing enquiries, bookings and cancellations, and have you factored in your time to your revenue calculations for your property?

2. How to manage your calendar?

One of the main issues with listing your property across various sites is keeping your calendars up to date to avoid costly double bookings. In case of double booking it is often the renter’s responsibility to find alternative accommodation for the guests, which can prove very expensive in high season weeks. Couple this with the multiple price lists to maintain and it can get tricky to not drop the ball. Property managers often work with channel managers to manage listings, calendars and pricing form one central platform but this is usually prohibitively expensive for single property owners.

3. How to make the listing stand out?

Photography is key. Great photos make your property stand out from the crowd – it’s well worth getting professional photos done for your property. Make sure to include the views from the property as well as realistic photos of the inside and facilities to ensure guests can make an informed choice when booking with you.

4. Remote work vs onsite work

A huge benefit of property rental in this day and age is the technology available to manage things remotely, incidentally this is the main reason Mountain Plus Holidays doesn’t have a physical office. There is however all of the day to day onsite managing which needs to be handled. This can be anything from changing lightbulbs to sorting out a faulty radiator, and Murphy’s law dictates that it will always happen on a Sunday evening when it’s impossible to get someone in to fix it for you. Between this and a personal welcome for your guests, there are many aspects of the rental game which simply can’t be managed from a distance. Mountain Plus Holidays always maintain an in-resort presence so we can quickly and swiftly resolve any issues before it has a chance to impact the guest’s holidays.

5. The cleaning and maintenance

One of the main things to think about before beginning to list a property is the cleaning and laundry. Firstly, this will be your main external cost, so needs to be included in your pricing model for your property. Secondly and perhaps more importantly, this is somebody you will be giving a key to, who can be trusted both to always act in good faith and to maintain the high standards of cleaning necessary to ensure that guests return to your property year after year. Finding such a person, and then staying on top of the admin to ensure the property is always cleaned on time, with sufficient laundry and basic necessities, can be time consuming and needless to say embarrassing if something goes wrong when guests are due to arrive.

The good news is that our chosen resorts of Morgins and Chatel in the Portes du Soleil border region between Switzerland and France, Mountain Plus Holidays is well set up to manage of of this for you with a no booking no fee pricing structure. Whilst we clearly have an interest in suggesting this, we would highly recommend considering a trusted property manager with a local footprint to look after your chalet or apartment, while you make the most of enjoying your property when you are there! 

Written by mountainplus • 23/03/2021
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