Amazing dog sled race passes through Morgins

La Grande Odyssée Savoie Mont Blanc is the world’s most technical dog sled race and again this year the magnificent sight of these incredible huskie dogs graced Morgins  this January. Our guests at Chalet Sam Suphy were  lucky enough to watch the dog teams race past their front door in near perfect conditions. They commented “the Husky race passed through Morgins on the 13th and the course ran past the front door! We were able to watch whilst sipping hot chocolate – front row seats! The extra path that lead to the car park, made by the piste basher for the Husky race, was also an added extra…..even closer to the chair lift, most definately ski in ski out! “

Chalet Sam Suphy

This race, in its fifth year, challenges 24 of the planet’s best mushers and 350 professional athlete huskies. Over the course of the race, they will run 1000 kilometres together and climb 25,000 metres of ascending slopes .This sports event is  more than 5000 years old and is one of the world’s oldest means of transportation and is in complete respect for the environment. It is also the epitome of the complicity between man and animal; the musher’s survival depends on the close relationship that he forges with his huskies.  Spectators watch the event from various points along the race’s itinerary that are accessible by skiing (Alpine or Nordic) and by snow-shoeing.

Written by superadmin • 27/01/2010
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