The magic of Morgins

The Village

I have always loved Morgins but then I’m biased !

But there is something about this village that seems to really charm almost everyone who stays here. Yes, there are some T bars and drag lifts, and the apres ski is not the wildest, but somehow that is what  makes  it so attractive.You really feel nothing much has changed in the 25 years I have been coming here.But I  think what makes Morgins s0 special is that it hasn’t developed as fast as other resorts in the Alps, the recent building has been contained, so the village has not sprawled. This leaves Morgins in quite a unique position- a  traditional and unspoilt Swiss village only 90 minutes from Geneva but connected to the world’s biggest linked ski area, the Portes du Soleil, with a massive 650 km of skiing. Your last run of the day brings you right back into the village where, given the size of the village, you are often able to wander back to your accommodation perhaps stopping for a quick aperitif on the way back before dinner.

The other factor for me is  how quiet the pistes can be compared to the French side, and how  considerate other skiers are in the resort .Is it because you are often skiing with local Swiss or is it that snowboarders don’t like T Bars (  I should know I am one !)  No – I think it’s because Morgins offers everything you would imagine a typical Swiss ski resort should offer without the commercialism and over development of its rivals.

I’m not sure what has caused it, but our bookings for 2010/11 season have just taken off. We have many reservations for 2011 and had an enquiry for 2012! I wonder if the Winter Olympics is helping -maybe Didier Defago has inspired many of us to get back on the slopes. Gordon Brown is probably right about the slow road to recovery but Morgins charm is really bucking the trend! COMMENTS . I would really like to know your comments about Morgins for both Summer and Winter holidays – what is it that attracts you to the village and what, if you could, would you change ?

Written by superadmin • 22/02/2010
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