7 reasons to choose a holiday rental


Holiday rental Edelweiss B31 in Morgins, SwitzerlandIn an increasingly fast growing holiday rental market, driven by ease of booking through any number of online platforms, times have never been better for the discerning traveler. Comparison sites abound, helping you find the best possible deal out there – and with the amazing savings to be had it is little wonder that even the largest booking sites are tweaking their service to include holiday rental homes into their offering. In the mountains, it is not unusual to find that the rental price of a ski apartment or chalet can be significantly cheaper on a per person per night basis than an equivalent hotel stay – and you get a whole place just to yourself!


Sit down and relax in front of the fire, engage in that annual game of charades on Boxing Day, hold a snowman building competition in the garden – much easier to do when you have a nice living area to spread out in! Added to that the fact that the kids will have their own room (or even one each if they’re lucky!), it makes for a more relaxed stay all round.

Holiday rental Monte Fiori in Morgins, SwitzerlandMealtimes

Luxury is choice, as they say. Cook a big family meal, go out for a nice restaurant dinner, take-away, or even just have an extended après-ski followed by snack from the cupboard. In a holiday rental the choice is yours! Think of all the savings both in money and hassle of doing what you like, when you like. You can even call up your friendly hosts and ask where they’d go for a night out 🙂 Talking of which…

Live Like a Local

Staying in a hotel does tend to make you feel like you’re living out of a bag, and more of a short-term visitor than part of local life. Staying in a home-away-from-home not only puts you straight into a local mindset, but you’ll tend to find yourself in perhaps a more residential area rather than the commercial centre. While you might have an extra 100 metres to walk to the bar from your holiday rental, you will be repaid in peace and quiet, and in exploring the lesser known side of town.



Holiday rental Les Muverans 2 in Morgins, SwitzerlandAs the rental market grows, more and more properties offer similar amenities to hotels – gone are the days of having to make up your own bed on arrival or finding a dark apartment devoid of basic household items. You’ll often have access to even more amenities such as washing machines and dryers, private ski lockers, or the use of sledges kindly left for you by the property owners! Of course if there are any particular items you need during your stay we are generally happy to oblige – just drop us a quick note to ask.

Peace and Quiet

Ever turned over in bed cursing the people getting in late to the room next door, wishing they’d just go to bed and be quiet? What a relief when you find yourself in your own flat, with only your family or friends to worry about. They might not always be quieter, but at least you can get them to make coffee  in the morning!

Personalised service and a friendly face to welcome you!

And if all of this isn’t enough, then remember that when you book with us, you have direct access to our local knowledge, recommendations, booking service, friendly welcome and more! Get in touch today for a chat!



Written by mountainplus • 20/09/2016
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