Snow conditions in Morgins

Chalet Sam Suphy – the first chalet operated by mountain-plus

One of our guests staying at Chalet Sam Suphy has sent us this snow report from Morgins yesterday – looks like a lot of snow has fallen with more to come !

Conditions here in Morgins are very good. There have been regular light snowfalls over the last few days, and overnight it has snowed steadily, so we’ve had to dig ourselves out of the chalet this morning! During the past week, we’ve had two brilliant clear blue days, when the fresh snow was sparkling and the whole place felt like a vast Santa’s Grotto. We’ve also had a couple of very foggy days on the mountain, when we could barely see the tips of our skis, and had a bit of trouble telling which way was up. On days like that, you just have to feel it, and we had some thrills! Today it’s grey, and the snow is still falling, but we can see the peaks. We’ve not been up top yet, but if it’s anything like yesterday it’ll be deeply cold with a sweeping wind. The new snow should be fun! It’s our last day’s skiing today, and we’ll make the most of it. Gina

Written by superadmin • 30/01/2010
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