News on Morgins lift system

If your are a regular visitor to Morgins  you will know there were 2 lift closures last season, both lifts going up to the Pointe de l’Au, one from Champoussin and one from Les Crosets. This resulted in a bit of a trek to get to Les Crosets via a temporary rope drag lift. The good news is that the Aiguille des Champeys lift up from Champoussin to the Pointe de l’Au will be open again this season, so the Champoussin/Les Crosets link is assured.

Coming back from Les Crosets, there will be a new drag lift from just below the Pointe de l’Au allowing access back to Champoussin, or there is always the Tovassiere valley run home.

There are also plans to replace the T Bars that service the Morgins bowl with a new lift ready for the 2010/11 season and a new piste under the Foilleuse lift and if you can wait that long they will also replace the Pointe de l’Au lift ready for the following season

This is really good news, especially for snow boarders!

proposed new Foilleuse piste back into Morgins

LINGA, Chatel  – There will be a new  fast lift going up the Linga to replace the old chair from the top of the telecabine for Dec 2009.

Written by superadmin • 25/09/2009
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