Incredible views from the Morclan

Eiger and Jungfrau

Mont Blanc

On Tuesday I bought a half day lift ticket and took the Corbeau lift out of Morgins in bright sunshine and immediately made for the highest point in Super-Chatel ,the Morclan. From there I took off my skis and walked up for about ten minutes through fresh snow to the weather station and viewing point. I last visited here in the summer many years ago but the visibility was much better today. At 1970m the altitude isn’t anything special but the views have got to be some of the best in the Alps.I looked west to see the massive peak of Mont Blanc lit up by the bright sunshine and as the crow flies is probably 80km away but even more amazing was to the east I could see both the both the Jungfrau at and Eiger probably over 100km away .These pictures don’t do  justice  to amazing place but I would encourage the next time you are in Morgins , summer or winter ,you should take some time away from the pistes and take a  look  to get that “top of the world” feeling

Written by superadmin • 20/01/2010
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