How to save money on your dream mountain holiday

1. Book Earlygw31jigr9j4-rob-bye

Get ahead of the game and lock in your booking early. Many agencies and operators will give you a discount for booking early and adding some certainty to their seasonal revenue. Don’t be afraid to ask!

2. Book Late

Last minute bookings, whilst sometimes limited in terms of choice, can uncover some amazing deals as property managers look to fill up their last remaining chalets. This is especially true of low season weeks such as January or April where prices are already lower. A great example of this is the 20% off any January bookings that we are currently running!

3. Bring your own lunch

With on the piste lunch time meals costing anything between EUR10 and EUR30, multiplied by 4 or 5 for the family and it can add up fast! Even for those taking the ‘cheap’ sandwich and soft drink option you can easily get to a few hundred euros during a week’s holiday. Compare this to a baguette from the local bakery and some ham and cheese, and you are looking at a nice saving for your holiday! Especially if you can prepare your lunch each day in the kitchen of one of our lovely self-catered properties

4. Avoid peak seasonwbdskqag-cy-carina-tysvaer

Easy to say, not always so easy to do. However, school holidays are staggered from country to country, and the savvy traveler can check European holiday calendars to see if any of their school holidays fall in a less busy week. If you can’t avoid school holidays, then why not try a late season Easter break, where you are sure to find a great deal, as well as getting a sun tan! For those travelling without kids, make sure to book January or March when you will have lovely empty slopes to enjoy and save money on your accommodation.

5. Travel mid-week

Not always ideal or possible for those with children in school, but you can save lots on travel costs by traveling on any day but Saturday. Most property managers will offer flexibility on check-in days and length of stay where possible, especially out of high season.

6. Share with friends

Save money by choosing a property big enough to share with friends. In addition to the savings on the rental cost, you get to share shopping and cooking duty, and (if you choose the right friends) have more fun! Just not sure it’s good for the drinks budget…jvtcrwcbj1c-chris-biron

7. Take advantage of free mountain tours

Some resorts have free guided tours of the ski area, which can be a great way to find your way around and meet people as well as saving money on hiring a personal ski guide. Mountain Plus will be running free guided tours on selected days during the winter – keep an eye on our Facebook page for more info.

8. Keep an eye out for special offers

We’ve always got an offer or two on the go. Sign up for our newsletter to receive all of our best offers straight to you inbox, and be sure to visit our special offers page on a regular basis!

Written by mountainplus • 18/12/2016
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