Ski Lift news in Morgins and Chatel

If you have not heard the latest news on lifts for Morgins here is a summary recently issued by Telemorgins.In short the Telemorgins board of directors have become very frustrated by all the delays and further objections to the Morgins part of the global plan for the Portes du Soleil.After the public consultation following the vote to go ahead with a new plan back in 2009, there have been more objections.The deadline to overcome these objections was the 24th August to give the manufacturers enough time to build the first new lift this autumn.However this did not happen and as a result there has been a  change of strategy.It appears the reason Champery and Les Croset have been able to build new lifts with out objection, is that they have followed the original path of the old lifts.Telemorgins therefore have decided to make planning applications to directly replace both the Bochasses lift and La Foilleuse lift.No timing has been given. They still want to get approval for the grand plan but say they can’t wait any longer due to financial and image problems.They also  still need to find a solution  for the lifts that link Morgins with Les Croset.
I believe this is good news as at last they see they have to take action. Let’s all hope 2012/13 will be our lucky year in Morgins. Meamwhile ,Chatel press on with their new lifts and we will see the old 2 man Rochassons replaced by a fast 6 man in the Plaine Drainse sector for next season

Written by superadmin • 20/09/2011
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